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Pedigree Software

Pedigree and breeding software can save you time, create professional looking pedigrees, keep track of your cats and help you with your breeding plans. 

There are many different options and it can be hard to choose the package that suites you.  Some of the things you should consider include

  • Compatibility with your computer
  • Compatibility with other breeders for data sharing
  • What you want from the software, just pedigrees or breeding planning
  • Your level of computer skills

If the software you are considering offers a free demonstration copy take advantage of it and try before you buy


Pedigree Software Packages for Purchase

Pedigree Software that is free (shareware etc)

Coming soon

Pedigree Software Options for Mac Users

Hints and tips for using your software can be found here


Pedigree Software Packages for Purchase



Breedmate is a popular choice for breeders as it allows users to create their own tables, and fields and design their own forms. It comes standard with many pedigree certificates in varying styles - all of them designed using Breed Mate itself. It delivers plenty of  power and flexibility to the user.

It comes in two versions, Breedmate Lite and Breedmate Pro, the difference being the ability to  create new forms and add to forms.

Breedmate Lite sells for $65 AUD and Breedmate Pro for $105 AUD

(demo available)


Breedmate Website


Pedigree Explorer

Pedigree Explorer is the premium version of BreedMate. It builds on all the features of BreedMate but adds extra features like the Pedigree Chart which in one screen can show more than 100+ generations of ancestors and the Descendants Chart (Reverse Pedigree) which can show eight generations of all offspring.

 It also has an advanced Merge Manager function that allows interactive comparison and merging of data. PedX  is for the serious "line chaser" and for people maintaining breed databases.

Pedigree Explorer Website


Pedigree Assistant

Pedigree Assistant is an entry-level pedigree program for breeders.  It produces fabulous printed pedigrees & pedigree cover sheets. it was designed with ease of use and budget in mind and is best suited to breeders who don't need the power of full breeding record software, but still want professional pedigrees.

Priced at $79 USD

Pedigree Assistant Website


Breeders Assistant

Breeders Assistant  includes fully customizable printed pedigrees, text pedigrees, image pedigrees, HTML pedigrees, even circular pedigrees.  It also has many features for linechasers, cattery management and comprehensive record keeping.

It comes in carefully tailored versions - e.g. Breeders Assistant for Cats has specific support for CFA, TICA, GCCF and FIFe/CA breeders.  packed full of features this is a comprehensive application for cat breeders everywhere.

Priced at $119 USD

Pedigree Assistant Website




Originally designed for Dos, Compuped is now available for windows..

Compuped is a legendary animal genetics program that was designed in the united states. 

CompuPed Millenium Pro $93.99 USD

CompuPed Millenium Standard $64.99 USD

Compuped Website





Pedigree Software Options for Mac Users



Despite an extensive search we are unable to find out whether or not this software was ever finished.  It was due for release in the late 90's but then the release date was delayed.  It promised to be finally be pedigree software specifically for the macintosh user.  If you have any additional info about this product please contact us so that we can share with eager mac using breeders.

Windows Emulation

If you are a cat breeding mac user you do have an option other than mac specific software when it comes to pedigree programs.  While most major players don't support a mac platform they do state that breeders have successfully used their applications on a machine that is running windows emulation.

An example is Virtual PC (

What you can do if you have a windows emulator is to download the free demo version of your chosen software (if available) and then give it a good try before you purchase it.

If any breeders who have done this would like to share their experience we would for you to contact us.







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