Made Up Breeds

Made up cat "Designer Breeds"

The following "designer breeds" are not real cat breeds.  They are fancy names given to cross breed cats bred by unregistered breeders.  These people make up these names as a marketing ploy to charge more money for the cat than it is worth.   Don't fall into their trap.  These cats are cross breeds and not recognised pedigreed cats.

  • Britanese
  • Brittinese
  • Ragcoon
  • Raggicoons
  • Layanese
  • Birmalayan
  • Foldex
  • Manxfold
  • Layanese
  • Lyonaise
  • Chinnidolls
  • Chinidoll
  • Birmassynian
  • Burmassynian
  • Burmist
  • Burmengal
  • Bermagal

Accidental matings do happen but a reputable breeder will advertise the cats as cross bred cats and not charge as much as a true purebred cats. 

Registered breeders with a lot of experience may be able to register an experimental breeding program for new breeds of cats.  If in doubt ask what club the breeder belongs to and call them to be sure it is a new experimental breed that is part of an official breeding program. 



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