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These hints and tips come from here, there and everywhere.  Some are anecdotal, some recommended by professionals.  Remember to always take care and consult you vet if you are unsure this care is right for your cat.

Feline Chin Acne

Cindy from Calumetcats in the US recommends 1% Tolnaftate (athletes foot cream brand name Tenactin)  as a treatment for chin acne.  She found it cleared up within two applications.  Worth a try!



Clipping an Uncooperative Cats Nails

I thought this was a prank kids played on their pets but apparently it works!  Take several pegs and "peg" them down your cats back grasping the loose skin folds in the pegs.  Your cat should be immobilised!  For some strange reason they become like statues and you can clip their claws without a fuss.  You may find a couple of pegs behind the ears works well too. 

Of course be as quick as you can and take care removing the pegs so as not to pull out any hair, (and don't let the kids see you!!) 



Calming a Cranky Calling Queen

This tip was first passed on to me by Marie Orchard of Cyclad British Shorthairs and it is used by many, many other breeders including myself with great success.   To calm a calling queen try Periactin, an over the counter antihistamine readily available at the chemist for about four or five dollars. 

A quarter tablet will calm a queen for around twelve hours which means she can get some sleep (and you can too).  It will also help stimulate appetite and has been used for some time to treat asthma in cats.



Dealing with Pee Smells

Nothing smells worse than cat pee, especially from an entire male.  When cats pee or spray where they shouldn't  it can be hard to remove the lingering odour.  Often the stain is removed but the odour returns when the area gets wet or warm. 

To remove the odour for good try a mix of Biozet laundry powder and water.  Make it up in a spray bottle and use it as a spot cleaner or spray it over the whole area that smells.  The enzymes in the biozet eat up the left over odour causing urine particles.



Finding Hidden Pee!

Now that you know how to treat a cat pee stain you need a sure fire way to track down the exact spot the cat has sprayed.  If you don't catch the cat in the act and the whole rooms smells you may have trouble working out where to clean.  What you need is a black light, the kind that makes white fabric glow in the dark.

With the light switched off you can use the light to sweep the area.  Urine patches will glow making it easy for you to clean the correct spot.


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